8 Ways to Get New Attendees for Your Events

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For most event organizers or business owners, increasing the number of attendees and customers is the greatest concern. After all, this is what allows bills to be paid, right? If you’re thinking about attracting new people to your project, keep reading this article! Here you have 8  ways to get new participants for your events.

According to respondents who participated in the Trends in the Events World report in 20study on the industry trends of events in 2019,  one of the biggest challenges for event organizers is getting new attendees. What can you do to face these difficulties? Here are some tips:

  1. Change the perception that attendees have of your event

One of the simplest steps you can take to attract a new group of people to your event is to adjust the message you’re throwing to the public. A great example of this is Pride in Hull, which managed to increase its attendance from 9,000 to 50,000 people in three years by redefining itself as something for the whole family.

Matt Walton, president of Pride in Hull, commented that this incredible increase in the number of attendees in a short time was largely due to the fact that we took a big step forward in our marketing, changing the perception of what and for whom this event was.

  • Divide by segment the messages you send about your event

If you are trying to attract all kinds of audiences with a single type of message, you may not generate any impact due to the weakness of the content. One solution to this is to divide the events into sections that draw the attention of specific audiences.

Segmenting means dividing a large group of people into smaller groups and you can do based on common issues such as geographical location or hobbies. The division of your assistant’s segments lets you use custom promotional messages that will facilitate the public will remember and want to repeat.

  • Adapt the format of your event

If you organized events unfold in a traditional format, some changes could help attract a different audience.

For example, imagine that you organize an event for students similar to AULA, where the objective is for the different universities, public or private centers, and study entities to show their options. In this case, you can attract the public with more creative activities where they can show skills in fields such as painting, music or theater.

Another option for an event of this type could be to create workshops to create a CV in the video, speeches by entrepreneurs. 

  • Expand the program of your event

Events such as the Madrid Book Fair put into practice the idea that expanding the program of activities can attract new followers.

In addition to gathering publishers, booksellers and authors every year, in each edition they choose a guest country that is presented at the event, through its literature and cultural activities that discover the country to the visitors.

This action can help attract new visitors to your event, who are interested in this alternative activity that escapes the general lines.

  • Join local businesses

Joining forces with other businesses and local organizations is a great way to access new customer bases.

Having different local businesses as allies related to the theme of your event is a very effective way to reach new people who can become attendees of your event. For example, if your event is about music and gastronomy, contact local wineries to organize a wine tasting where you can present your brand on the following days.

Remember to have your objectives well defined and what counterpart you will offer to your local partners.

  • Diversify your offer of activities

Your big event, the main one, has a very specific theme: music, for example. But you can diversify your offer of activities to attract the new public by holding a series of mini-events that mobilize different profiles of people. Following the example of a music event, you can organize an acoustic session, a costume party or a reading with musical accompaniment. All these options will take your name to new people who can become ticket buyers.

  • Make your event easy to share

You must be where your audience spends more time, and that is social networks. It facilitates the purchase of tickets from applications such as Facebook or Instagram, places that many people use to discover events. In addition, it works so that word of mouth helps you get from veteran assistants who liked your last edition to new profiles that trust the word of a friend or an influencer rather than the publicity that you do directly.

  • Turn your event into an interactive plan

People love trying new things, especially if it’s something they would not normally have the opportunity to do. Suppose you have to organize a sporting event, create experiences that add up can make a difference and attract new audiences.

What kind of ideas can you apply? For example, a  virtual reality experience for people to experience a football game as if they were their favorite players or a ride on the replica of the bus that carries their favorite athletes.

There are many things that you can do to reach your potential audiences. You can either plan your event yourself or you can ask for professional help. Satu Matahari is a great resource to help you with your event.

With years of experience within the industry, Satu Matahari has provided help to multiple companies in various niches. You can expect the best result from Satu Matahari.  Our friendly staff will be at your service to communicate the perfect plan that suits your needs

Now that you know how to get new attendees for your event or clients for your business, you can continue to learn other tips from our articles keys to organize and promote the best events and projects that can boost your business to the next level.

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