How to Successfully Organize an Event Online

Despite the accelerated pace of technological advances, the business world continues to revolve on the axis of interpersonal relationships. For this reason many independent people and large companies resort to the realization of online or offline events, to create a large network of professionals or networking, establishing employment relationships, strategic alliances, business ties and even friendships.

In order to see our project grow and expand the presence and reach of our brand, sooner or later we must resort to these meetings, whether as organizer, sponsors or participants. If you are one of those who want to maximize the benefits, you will need help with the first steps to create an online event as provided in this article.

The Marketing of an Online Event

The first thing that must be defined is a clear idea of ​​what we seek to achieve with the event. Generally, the goal is to have a pleasant impact on the participants, generating purchase actions and thus increase our conversion. Of course, this must be achieved without abandoning the values ​​and essence of the brand, on the contrary, we must take advantage of the realization of the event, show our essence as a brand and the products or services we offer.

If we want to conquer a specific public or sector, and we also want to market a product outside the traditional, we can choose online events and show the benefits that the product offers to our customers.

The alternatives of creating online events such as webinars, virtual rooms, conferences in live stream, hangouts, among others, have the immediate benefit of lowering costs and expanding the market (people can attend from anywhere in the world, without leaving home) , but we must take into account a number of factors if we want to make an outstanding and successful event, which will impact users.

  1. Create a name that impacts and sells

If you want to captivate and attract the attention of your target audience, which tends to disperse quickly, due to the number of events that exist today, you should take advantage of the first day you launch the event, use a striking name and make sure it meets expectations created.

  • Be visual

Great experts agree on this point. To attract attention and generate expectation, nothing better than to capture the attention of your eyes . You can make an audio-visual of a minute or less, where you share the information of your event and “sell” it to the public, the main reason for this recommendation that does not spend more than a minute, if it is a video to sell your product you must attract it in the first moment, with a clear and concise message. This material can be disseminated through most mass media and digital, such as social networks, website, blog, among others this will help ensure a significant impact on virtual communities.

  • Take advantage of networks

Yes, social networks again. These platforms are vital to spread and viralize our message, and we can also exploit the capabilities of sites like Periscope or Facebook Live to give live information and give an opening of the event, or you can use Twitter to constantly generate information about it, use Instagram to show images and videos that seduce the public, and why not use snapchat?

To attract a young audience and willing to participate in an online event that contributes. The important thing is to cover all the necessary networks , and to define an exclusive action plan for each of them, for this you can read this post on how to create a publication plan.

  • Generate expectation

Many will overlook your online event at first glance, but it is your job to make this change. How? Create expectations or intrigues around the occasion, either by promoting those involved (the speakers or special guests), conducting contests through social networks, spreading campaigns that sow the unknown in the public, among others. The possibilities are endless, it is in you and your creativity, in exploiting and taking advantage of each trend.

  • Do not risk with the infrastructure

Imagine that half of the most anticipated live stream, the internet connection drops, or worse, a blue screen appears on your computer. The online events fall fully into a good infrastructure and technical support , so you must devote the necessary technological resources and achieve a solid base, which allows you to make your event worry-free.

Note: This point may leave you with some concern regarding monetary terms, but calm, many times we will not need an exaggerated budget to hold an online event. There are economic options and even free to develop our ideas, such as Google Hangouts On Air, where we can broadcast live via YouTube to the number of participants we want. Of course, if we seek to create something memorable, we will have to pay a little more.

  • Record the event

Many of the registered people will not be able to attend the call, but that is not the reason why we should forget them. Whenever the modality allows it, record all the possible material or document it in some way . Later you can offer this content to those who could not attend, and even to those who did not know about the event until after it happened. Since now, you have proper knowledge to start your online event, you will get the hang of it when you want to arrange one. However, if you are still uncertain with your skills in this field, you can always ask for Satu matahari to help you out with the task.

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