How to Find The Best Speaker For Your Professional Event

When you organize a professional event one of the most important things is to choose the best speakers. Why? Their names and specialties will be the demand for your assistants to want to buy an entry and be in the conferences or workshops that your speakers give.

Take note, that we tell you how to choose the perfect speakers.

How to choose the best speakers for your professional event

To choose the perfect speaker for your professional event you have to record three fundamental words: relevance, objective and influence.

And you will ask … what do they mean? Here is the definition that you are interested in knowing:

Relevance: A renowned speaker, known inside and outside the sector of your event, is a claim of 10 for the attendees, but … does it make sense? If you have access to an influential speaker but do not have quality information to contribute to your event, do not force your presence just by having someone “famous”. The objective is that your assistants have relevant content, not an autograph.

Purpose: You must be clear about the purpose to achieve with each speaker. For example, the keynote speaker will create expectations among attendees and set the tone of the event. On the other hand, the speaker who opens the talks after lunch will have to be someone dynamic that awakens the audience with a topic that does not require maximum concentration.

When you organize the agenda with the speakers you must take into account the style of each one, the purpose of your presentation and the schedule that you assign. Everything counts to get your assistants to repeat the experience.

Influence : In addition to finding speakers with excellent communication skills, a great speaker has to build trust with the attendees enrolled in your event and that his career serves to persuade the public that still has doubts.

Find people with influence in social networks and a solid reputation. Your event should have influencers of the professional sector.

What profiles of speakers can you find at a professional event?

The relevance, purpose and influence are the keywords you should have a professional speaker event, and those qualities can be found in various types of speakers.

There are several categories of speakers that you can easily recognize, attentive to the descriptions and decide which of them you want to sign.

  • The expert in the field: Expert speakers in the field are ideal for specialized conferences. This type of professional is up-to-date with the news in the subject that he deals with and brings a fresh vision that makes the difference.
  • The famous lecturer: There are speakers who are famous among the professional sector and outside it. These names are very interesting to keep in mind because they give visibility to the event, but remember not to force and invite one of these speakers if you do not provide relevant information to your event.
  • The artist: Sometimes your event gains interest if you invite an unexpected artist, it can be a musician, a writer, a comedian … Maybe it is not closely related to the topic that is dealt with in the professional event, but if you find a point of union with your project, serves as a wonderful evasion to the attendees.
  • The influencer : Not all influencer are on Instagram and they are less than 30 years old. In this category there are from established authors to YouTube stars. They are people with millions of faithful followers who will attend an event that bears his name. In professional events the fan effect can also be used.

Where do I find the best speakers?

Now that you know what a speaker should have and what profile he may have … where can you find them?

  1. Surveys among the attendees . Why do not you ask attendees what professionals would like to hear at your event? This way of deciding who your speakers will be offers information about the interests of your assistants and perhaps leads you to contemplate names that you did not have in mind.
  2. Internal members, partners and sponsors . It is a normal practice for employees and organizing members to speak at their events . The possibility of offering a talk is also extended to partners and sponsors. This type of speaker is the easiest to assure, because they are people involved in advance in which this project goes well.
  3. eye! Do not fill your agenda with lectures given by internal staff, because attendees may think that your event does not have a budget to hire external speakers or that you are taking advantage of the occasion to record a spot of the company, and this image does not interest you to project it.
  4. Open call for proposals . One way to meet great speakers with good ideas is to open a call with the theme of your event and to sign up the speakers who want to participate.
  5. If you are looking for a type of speaker with specific characteristics, make it clear in the call and carry out an advertising campaign so that this proposal reaches the largest number of interested professionals.
  6. Databases. You can find a lot of potential speakers from a database. This database can come from your own list of speaker candidates from previous events.
  • Professional publications  Academic journals, specialized news websites and professional blogs are good platforms to discover the speakers who can bring interesting information to your event. Try to keep a database up to date with the most relevant publications and the names that are repeated in them, there will be your best speakers.
  • Professional social networks  Social networks such as YouTube or LinkedIn are a window for great speakers who show videos with their conferences and post their own publications. Discovering your speakers on social networks will help you to get an idea of ​​the level of followers that move and what their specialty and style is.

Remember that it is essential to give dynamism to your event to know what is the style of each speaker to organize their participation at the time of the day that best fits with the attendees.

Find the perfect speaker and when you have all the names, organize the agenda of your professional event looking for your attendees to have balanced and dynamic days. And do not forget that before launching an event, whatever the type, strategic planning is essential . You can also avoid the hassle to find the right speaker for your event by using professional help like Satu Matahari. We strife to provide you with the best event organizing team ever.

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