Avoid Chaos At Your Music Festival Events


Music festivals are one of the star events at any time of the year and corner of the planet, and move millions of attendees who mostly repeat year after year. And attentive, because in addition to the music that they are going to listen to, attendees look for the venue they choose to be perfect.

No matter the type of festival you want to organize, in all you must take into account common mistakes that you should avoid and we will help you with some basic tips so you know how to organize a successful event and get to  avoid chaos in the place where you celebrate your event .

  1. Choose an attractive venue for fans and with the capacity to host your festival

In festivals the place where you decide to celebrate them is as attractive as the poster of artists who will participate. It is important that you choose the venue thinking about how attractive it is for your assistants, but also taking into account the logistic point of view: is it easy to access? Are there accommodation options nearby? Is it adapted for all kinds of people? What is the capacity of the enclosure?

Answer these questions before launching to reserve the venue and ensure the comfort of your assistants.

  • That there is no lack of food, drink … and a few manicured toilets

People eat, drink and go to the bathroom. These three points are as obvious as they are important and you can not leave aside these basic needs of your audience.

Your festival should have a space so that attendees can buy food and drink during the celebration of the event. In addition, a detail like a well- groomed public toilets is something that the attendees will value positively and perhaps it is the point that makes the difference so that in future editions they decide to repeat at your festival and not try the competition.

  • Diversify your programming

So that your festival is a unique experience and your attendees seek to repeat you must offer something more than music. One idea is that if your festival is held near the beach your assistants can have a discount at a local diving school, or if your event is held in the middle of nature, organize a route to know the chosen environment.

Make your holiday a plan enjoyed by all kinds of attendants: the fans of the artists who will take the stage and the accompanists for whom music is not everything.

  • It facilitates the access of the assistants

Put technology on your side for the quick access of your attendees to the venue of your festival and to control the volume of attendees . If you organize your event with Eventbrite you can take advantage of the app for organizers and have access control on your mobile and be able to view ticket sales reports at any time from anywhere.

Consider the use of RFID technology for the scanning of tickets and accreditations, because they will speed up the entries of your assistants to the place of the event and avoid waiting is something that you will be very grateful for.

  • Offers different payment methods

An important decision when you organize a project of any kind is what payment methods you will accept at the venue where you hold your event . If you are going to use cash, you will need a safe place to store it. If you accept credit cards, you must have operative datáfonos.

Keep in mind that the speed of payments translates into a reduction in queues and an increase in expenses, so many festivals opt for cashless payments thanks to RFID technology (those chip bracelets that you will have seen in many festivals) . With this system your assistants can pay for food, drink or merchandising with a simple gesture of their wrist.

Do you want to be sure that after organizing a perfect festival there is no chaos in the chosen venue? Follow these little tips and you will get the attendees want to repeat another year with your event. Or else, you can tell us your problem. Satu Matahari is more than welcome to provide you with the right help.

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Avoid Chaos At Your Music Festival Events

Music festivals are one of the star events at any time of the year and corner of the planet, and move millions of attendees who mostly repeat year

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