9 Reasons Why You Should Start Business Online

When it comes to the term online business, many people would ask the same question at first: Why should I start my business online? In sense of modernization, having your business online will provide you various advantages.

In many cases, businessmen tends to consider an online business is the same as offline ones. Well,  in some points, they are the same, while at the same time they are totally different, if you try to look at them from different angle.

Nevertheles, building an online business is not as hard as you think. You may find other reasons you should take your business to another level. Below are 9 top reason to start your business online.

1. Improving your brand presence

Based on internetworldstats.com, there are more than 4 billion internet users around the world and 49% of them come from Asia. China, India, and Indonesia have the highest number of internet users with increasing growth of 3,3% (China), 9,1% (India), and 7,1% ( Indonesia) every year (statistic of 31 December 2017).

While statista.com stated that there are estimated 1.9 billions online shoppers worldwide in 2019, and the number is increasing to 2.05 billions in 2020 and 2.14 billions of online shoppers around the globe. If you don’t establish your brand presence online right now, there’s a huge chance that you’ll miss the chance to gain more profit.

2. Business availability

Running an offline business will limited to the work hours you have set everyday. You will probably miss the opportunity to follow up any prospect that come after your business is closed. Thus you’ll loose the chance to convert the prospect into your customer.

This thing won’t happen if you take your business online. All potential customers that visit your website or your social media accounts can still learn about the products or services that you offer anytime. You can still convert the leads into profit even when your offline store is closed.

3. Better customer service

Do you often listen the same questions from your potential customers? You don’t have to deal with the same problem if you have an online business. You create a list of frequently asked questions and direct your prospects to the FAQ section on your website.

You can also automate your customer support to make sure that you won’t miss any lead. This is an important part of your business because you can provide more information to help your potential clients to decide whether they want to use your service and buy your products or not.

4. Cost to spend

There’s a common misunderstanding about the cost you have to spend to start an online business. When you start your online business, you don’t have to allocate any budget for building or vehicle. A simple thing like building a website would be enough to start running the business. The budget left at your disposal can be used to optimize your marketing effort.

5. Business funnel

In modern age of internet, the distance between you and your prospects are just one click away. You can analyze what the market needs and provide the best solution for the problem. You can target your desired market efficiently  and start engage to with them and gain more customers for your business.

6. Take your business anywhere you go

Do you open a business in a place where you can’t get more customers? Are you uncomfortable with your current business place? You won’t have these kind of problems if you take your business online. As long as you have a decent internet connection, you can take your business anywhere you want and anytime you can.

7. Less operational cost

Just by applying a simple thing like receiving orders online can give a huge saving in your operational cost. Moreover, you can provide more information about your products and services on your website and cut your expense to hire a customer service staff just to explain everything about your business. You can also use web apps to help you with the billing and shipping, an automated customer support, and business analysis to track your business growth.

8. Go worldwide

The best thing of going online is that you can target any region in the world to offer your products and services. This opportunity will certainly provide more chance to gain more lead into your business.

9. Higher company response

A long time ago, a business would have a slow response when an order come. Not to mention if you have to send some proposals to your potential customers . The internet will cut the time so you can have a better response to your follow up any prospect. In addition, you can handle most of your workloads online to make everything efficient.

Those are top 9 reasons you can get if you take your business online. If don’t know where to start, fear not because we’re at your service to build your business online. Get more information about how we can help you by sending your enquiry via the contact page available on the menu above.

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