8 Ways To Reach More People With Specialized Events

Having an event that belongs to a very specific specialty can be a great advantage when it comes to attracting a faithful follower. The marketing niche has less competition events and direct advertising sector in which your event moves can be easier.

What is the disadvantage? That this market can be limited and you will have to find new ways to reach your audience to continue achieving success year after year with your event or specialized business.

  1. Invest time and resources in search engine optimization (SEO)

When people are looking for an event or business to go to, the first place they go is to Google.

For niche events with little or no competition, having the user read your name at the top of the list is quite simple. The challenge is to find people who are interested in your event but still do not know you exist.

To expand your audience, you need to optimize your website and / or the ticket sales page of the event for the relevant search terms. For example, you can optimize your page for people looking for something as concrete as “Santander, family surf lessons” or “Barcelona, ​​an outdoor theater show”.

  • Use proper wording to diversify your audience

If you want to expand your audience, you will have to examine the language you use in your marketing campaigns to modify it according to the interests and peculiarities of your audience and attract new attendees.

For example, if the audience that regularly attends your event or business are men between 30 and 40 years old and want to diversify, you should create content with images and inclusive language to attract more women and adapt the terms you use to the rank of age you want to attack.

  • Generate expectation through the marketing of experiences

For an event or idea to have an impact, people must live the experience. If you want to expand your audience and get new people to buy tickets for your event or main business, you can organize smaller and free events that encourage people to come to your brand and see what it is about.

If organizing additional events is too big a task for you (or your budget), you can consider creating a demonstration, tasting or tasting, in another event that attracts a crowd similar to the one you wanted to reach. For example, if you have an organic wedding organization business, it would be very useful to have a stand at a sustainable life event fair, which complements your business philosophy without being your competition.

  • Contact influencers linked to the sector of your niche event

Influencer marketing (partnering with influential people in social networks) offers a great opportunity to reach new audiences. A high percentage of consumers trust more in an event, product or business than an influencer recommends than in a traditional advertisement.

The normal thing is that you do not have problems to locate people willing to talk about your event for a price, but for the investment to be useful they must direct the traffic to the page of your event.

Before contacting an influencer you must make sure that your interests and values ​​align with your interests and values, and after signing up for the publicity of your event, follow up on the results obtained to know if it is worthwhile to use them again this option in the future.

  • Discover the micro-influencers within your followers

Your followers on social networks and veteran attendees of your event can become your best speakers. Within this audience, you can discover some people who have an influential opinion (micro-influencers) with the ability to influence the purchase of new public tickets.

Due to its hyper-localized profile, the micro-influencers that follow your event or business can be a very effective help in converting followers into event attendees. Search and contact with this type of influencers to see if they are willing to help you spread your event or business within their circles in exchange for VIP tickets, free passes or the consideration you agree.

  • Take advantage of the communities and groups in social networks related to your event

People love to bond with other people who share their passions and interests, and it is possible that your niche or specialty already has a local community where you can promote yourself. Search for groups in social networks or different applications where events are found ( Meetup, for example) and share your event or business.  

If you are already well integrated into the local scene, you can also use the search for new groups to find communities that have interests linked to your event or business. For example, if you organize a medieval fair and you are already known by fans of this type of event, you can broaden your audience by approaching medieval-themed role-playing communities or organize theme parties for Game of Thrones fans.

  • Create a blog and collaborate with others

Do you consider yourself an expert in the specialized sector where your event or business is moving? If not, you could demonstrate everything you know with a content marketing strategy. Create a blog on your website and contact others in your field to see if they are interested in having guest entries on your blog.

This action will not only improve your search results (new quality content is essential to improve SEO), but it can also help you expand your reach by reaching new readers who can become assistants.

  • Make it easier for followers to find your event

To reach more attendees and increase attendance at your event it is necessary to be on the mobile phones of your target audience. What does this mean? That your event or business should appear in the applications that your audience uses on a regular basis from their mobile devices: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

The people most likely to attend your event are already looking for a new live experience, so you should let them discover you in the places where they are looking for new plans.

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